Hi, I’m Veronica!  I’m a camgirl and I make indie cosplay porn, sometimes with puppets.  My goal is to create accurate and immersive videos that pay respect to the source material.  I take a lot of pride in attention to detail and transforming myself and my environment into my favorite characters and worlds.  I often build my own sets and costumes, which is a lot of fun (as well as exhausting).  I’m also a ventriloquist, for some reason.

This website is a labor of love.  I’m a tech junkie and a perfectionist, and I’ve been building websites for years, so it was really important to me to have a place to call home.  It took years for me to get this domain after an affiliate purchased it when I was a newbie camgirl, but at last, here we are!

This website is non-explicit, but feel free to check out my ManyVids for my adult videos.