Custom Videos

Hi! I am currently considering custom videos! If you have an idea for one, let me know with the form below! My customs start at $20/minute with a 10 minute minimum, and possibly more depending on what’s involved.  These are for immersive one-scene clips (Velma Twin Sister POV Blowjob Facial, Alice in Wonderland ~Just Fingers, Sailor Moon Hitachi Shibari Cum, etc) and not Features (Space Porn, Damn Good Pornography, Pinocchio’s Growth Spurt).  Having said that, I have tons of costumes and backgrounds and props, so feel free to get creative!

Please be aware that I won’t film anything I’m uncomfortable with, so don’t take it personally if I can’t accept your custom. I do want to try new things, though, so lemmie hear what you got. 🙂 Also, I’m not currently accepting exclusives; all videos will be uploaded to my website and ManyVids.

Excuse the formality, btw! I just want to make sure I get as much information as possible, and I like having all of my video concepts organized. 🙂 Helps my chaotic mind keep track of everything, haha.

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Alice in WonderlandBabydoll (Sucker Punch)DorothyHarley QuinnJessica RabbitLittle Red Riding HoodLydiaMorticia AddamsMrs. LovettRose TylerSailor MoonSlave LeiaStarfleet Science Officer (TOS)TinkerbellVelmaWednesday AddamsOther/New Costume

If you don't want a costume, or have something else in mind (schoolgirl, lingerie, casual, etc.) tell me here and I'll let you know what I've got! If you want a costume that's not on the list and are willing to purchase it for me, that's an option as well. ^_^ I'll look around and send you a quote. Note: I have high cosplay standards, and will ~usually~ only consider higher-end costumes. Depending on what it is, I may make an exception.

Giant wooden paddlePink paddleNipple clampsFucking machineG-spot toyHitachiEjaculating dildoPuppets

I offer puppet fucking in my custom videos, of course! If you want a particular puppet of mine, or costumed puppet, lemmie know what you want! Please note that some of Slappy's costumes take some time to apply, and may cost a bit extra depending on the work involved, particularly the ones with face paint/wig changes. I'm also down to do puppet stuff with a new puppet if you want to buy me one!

Let me know what you want! Please be detailed (and realistic ^^) in your expectations; don't be shy! I don't currently offer anal, but I'm pretty open-minded to different fetishes, and am looking forward to exploring more with you, if that's what you're into. ^_^ Types of things to include: perspective, location, dialogue, eye contact/no eye contact, etc.